Children Honor Firefighters for 9/11

Thursday, September 8, 2016  Today we were Blessed and Honored to receive this wreath from the Children of St. Bernadette's Catholic School of Springfield.    Words do little to express our gratitude and we are humbled.    

Thank you so very much from all of the Career and Volunteer Firefighters, Medics and EMT's at GSVFD Station 22. 




GSVFD Memorial Brick Fundraiser

The Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department is constructing a Memorial Garden for our 50th Anniversary in October 2016.   Our Memorial Brick Fundraiser is a way for you to become a part of our station and its history by showing your support for the dedicated Firefighters, Medic's and EMT's working to keep the Springfield community and Fairfax County residents and visitors safe.   Order your personalized engraved brick today and become a part of GSVFD!

All engraved bricks will be placed around our centerpiece Memorial Firefighter Statue at the front of our station and incorporated into the overall memorial garden design.   We are looking have initial bricks installed in the Se... [ more ]

Show your support and become a part of GSVFD in a lasting way....

Show your support and become a part of
      GSVFD in a lasting way....

Artist Concept - facing Backlick Rd

Artist Concept - facing Backlick Rd


Summer Grilling Safety

Grilling Safety Tips

Grilling Safety Tips

There’s nothing like outdoor grilling on summer weekends.
It’s one of the most popular ways to cook food.
But, a grill placed too close to anything that can burn is a fire hazard.
Grills can be very hot, causing burn injuries.
Follow the simple tips listed on our Grilling Safety Tip Sheet and you will be on the way to safe grilling this summer.

Have a Fire Safe Summer!




Lightning Safety - Don't Get Caught Unprepaired

Know what to do when you hear Thunder

Know what to do when you hear Thunder

Do you know how to stay safe during spring & summer storms? 

Did you know lighting can strike over 10 miles from any nearby rain.

Both Outside and Inside Safety Tips can help you get thru frequent summer storms.

Print out this safety sheet and review it with your family.

Stay Storm Safe !




Move Over Virginia

GSVFD partners with our NoVa First Responders to remind everyone:

Please help everyone get home at the end of the day - both you and us - by remembering to "Move Over" and "Drive 2 Save Lives"

The law requires any drivers approaching an emergency vehicle that is displaying flashing, blinking or alternating blue, red or amber lights on a highway to proceed with caution. If possible, drivers should move into a lane not adjacent to the stationary vehicle.

If changing lanes is not possible, drivers should proceed with caution and maintain a safe speed for highway conditions.

It's a team effort - drivers and first responders helping each other

It's a team effort - drivers and first
      responders helping each other

It's the safe and responsible thing to do and we all readlly appreciate your help to keep us all safe

It's the safe and responsible thing to
      do and we all readlly appreciate your
      help to keep us all safe


SAVE A LIFE ! Hands Only CPR

Hands-Only CPR A lifesaving action. When an adult has a sudden cardiac arrest, his or her survival depends greatly on immediately getting CPR from someone nearby. Unfortunately, less than 1/3 of those people who experience a cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location get that help. Most bystanders are worried that they might do something wrong or make things worse. That’s why the American Heart Association (AHA) has simplified things.

Don’t be afraid. Your actions can only help. It’s not normal to see an adult suddenly collapse, but if you do, call 911 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest. Don’t be afraid. Your actions can only help. Take a minute and look around the HANDS-ONLY CPR site and invite your friends! Increasing the number of people who know about Hands-Only CPR will increase the chance that someone can help when an adult suddenly collapses, and mo... [ more ]



Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department and the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department is offering free smoke alarms to residents who are in need of this simple but effective life safety alarm but might not be able to afford or install one themselves.
For information on requesting a free smoke detector and to schedule a free installation, contact the station at:

For Fairfax residents outside of the Springfield area, please contact the station nearest your home. 

 ... [ more ]

Hear the Beep Where You Sleep!

Hear the Beep Where You Sleep!

Working Alarms Save Lives

Working Alarms Save Lives


Generator Safety & CO Alarms

Operating portable generators safely go hand in hand with having adequate Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms in your home. CO is a silent killer and a working CO alarm my be your only alarm when deadly CO is present. Remember - NEVER NEVER operate a generator or any gas powered tool indoors. When in doubt, seek out the advice of your local fire department - we would rather answer your safety question and prevent the emergency.

CO Kills.  Plain and Simple - don't become a victim.

CO Kills. Plain and Simple - don't
      become a victim.

Safe operation of your generator is critical

Safe operation of your generator is


Winter Safety Tips

Keep your Family & Friends Fire Safe this Winter.    See some of the simple tips to help keep those you care about safe!   Click the images below for printable safety tip sheets.    For more Safety Tip Sheets, Click Here

Be Safe when Heating

Be Safe when Heating

Don't be a victim of the Silent Killer

Don't be a victim of the Silent Killer


GSVFD's Newest Firefighter/EMT's

Thursday, October 22, 2015  GSVFD is proud to announce three new Volunteer Firefighter/EMT's joining the ranks of the best in Fairfax County; Jonathan Choi, Glenn Hanna and Laura Olsen were presented their Black Helmet by Fairfax County Fire Chief Bowers and Volunteer Liaison Jeffrey Katz at a public event held at the Fairfax County Government Center after completing hundreds of hours of training.

When asked about why they wanted to become a firefighter, Laura told us "I grew up with firefighting in the family - her grandfather, Ken Warfield, was a career firefighter and Fire Chief in Wayne, Michigan - and as a girl she visited Station 22 for its annual neighborhood open houses. Laura works in public health and was interested in volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician when she joined GSVFD in 2013, as a newly returned Peace Corps Volunteer looking for a way to give back to her community at home. Over the course of her two years at the station, she loved learning about the fire side ... [ more ]

Firefighter/EMT Choi, Hanna & Olsen

Firefighter/EMT Choi, Hanna & Olsen

GSVFD Engine 422 Bravo

GSVFD Engine 422 Bravo


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